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GEOX Peterhead
GEOX Peterhead

Getting good shoes for children is so important. After all, when they come to take their first steps, they need the stability and support of decent shoes. Also, since the ability to walk soon leads to the desire to run, jump and play anywhere that they can get to, your child needs comfortable shoes which can give stability, but also stand up to the wear and tear that they will receive. Of course, if they look good then that is even better – after all, what is cuter than seeing small, designer shoes on the feet of a happy child?
At The Little Shoe Bootique we specialise in children’s shoes, with designs from some of the leading designers of footwear. But when it comes to shoes which meet the requirements of looking good, being comfortable, stable and also hardwearing, we know what to recommend – GEOX shoes. With GEOX, Peterhead parents are getting the shoes that meet all these requirements.
The footwear by GEOX Peterhead parents love is perfect for children. In fact, the product line was originally founded as a specialist manufacturer of children’s shoes, only later expanding to make adult footwear. GEOX are known as the shoes that breathe. This is because they specialise in technology which is breathable. With GEOX, Peterhead children have the comfort of shoes which are completely breathable. This means that the shoes are not restrictive or uncomfortable, even in warm weather or after a day at school. At the same time, the fabrics are designed to be impermeable, so that water cannot enter the shoe – ideally for when it is rainy outside. It might sound impossible to have fabric which is simultaneously waterproof and breathable, but this is why GEOX shoes are made using technology that has 40 patents, as well as 25 ongoing patent applications! No other brand can offer the same qualities as the GEOX Peterhead parents love so much.
However, it is not just about the quality – GEOX children’s shoes also look great. Whether you need a smart shoe for wearing to school, or a trainer shoe for playing out with friends in the evening, these shoes look the part. Each design has the look of a grownup shoe, but in a child’s size. There is also great if your child wants to look more grownup in their shoes.
At The Little Shoe Bootique, we can help you to choose the right design of GEOX shoes. You will find that our Peterhead store has a range of designs ready to try on. As well help with choosing the right design of GEOX, Peterhead customers will appreciate the way our staff are experts in getting the size right. We can accurately measure your child’s feet so that you get the right size.
If you are unable to visit our Peterhead store, do not worry. We sell all our shoes, including the GEOX Peterhead parents love, in our online store on the website. For more information, visit the website where you can find the contact details for the store.