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UGG Peterhead
UGG Peterhead

You know how much of a difference comfortable shoes can make. Before you leave the house, you probably pick the shoes not only for how they look, but for how comfortable they will feel. After all, you do not want to spend the day with sore feet due to picking the wrong shoes. Why should your child’s feet be any different? At The Little Shoe Bootique, we specialise in children’s shoes. We know that quality shoes are important, no matter the age of the wearer. One of our premium ranges is the collection of shoes by UGG Peterhead customers will find in our store.
When it comes to footwear by UGG, Peterhead parents are choosing quality and comfort. UGG have been manufacturing stylish, well made shoes since 1978, and the experience shows in the quality. If you have ever worn anything made by UGG then you know that they make comfortable footwear. They use grade-A Twinface sheepskin in each pair of shoes. Each fleece of genuine sheepskin is selected for uniformity and a fine grained texture, with wool that has an even thickness. By using a six-point check process, only the best quality sheepskin is used.
For you child’s feet, this can make all the difference. After all, your child will spend countless hours running, jumping and playing. By choosing footwear by UGG, Peterhead customers can be confident that their child will be running and playing without having uncomfortable shoes and sore feet. After all, for a child, expressing discomfort and pain is not as easy as for an adult, so UGG shoes are the choice for parental peace of mind.
As well as great comfort, by choosing UGG Peterhead customers are choosing style. UGG are renowned for designs which capture the imagination. Many customers love UGG because of the warm and soft appearance with the modern style. Get the best of comfort and style with the UGG footwear Peterhead customers have available.
Because we specialise in children’s shoes at The Little Shoe Bootique, we can help you to find exactly the right design. As well as UGG footwear, Peterhead customers will find that we sell other brands of shoes, including the ever popular Lelli Kelly and GEOX.
In store, we specialise in shoe fitting. After all, getting the size right can pose parents more of a challenge that finding the right design. Come into our store in Peterhead, Aberdeen. As well as helping you to find the design of UGG footwear that you love, we can carefully and accurately assess the shoe size of your child. This means that you can buy a pair which are not too big, leading to trips and falls, but also not too small, leading to discomfort and shoes that are quickly outgrown.
For more information about all our shoes including our footwear by UGG, Peterhead customers can visit us in the store. Alternatively, you can find contact details on the website, and all our shoes are available for online purchase and delivery.