Lelli Kelly, Aberdeenshire

Lelli Kelly, Aberdeenshire
Lelli Kelly, Aberdeenshire

Lelli Kelly shoes denote all of the fun, creativity and charm that your little ones can enjoy in their younger lives, with bright happy designs, and interactive chances to express themselves using innovative ways to help children express themselves by means of what they wear.
The Little Shoe Bootique in Aberdeenshire, proudly stock Lelli Kelly shoes. Some Lelli Kelly school shoes are the ballet style slip on shoes with a single interchangeable strap like dolly shoes, allowing your child to choose the style of shoe she would like to wear for the day. These straps on the lelli Kelly school shoe allow children to choose between the princess strap, the unicorn strap, or a bow and heart strap that holds another special feature that children love.
Lelli Kelly have named these shoes the colourissima school shoes, due to the special material they use on the straps decorations that allows children to colour in the heart or bow on their shoes using special pens that are provided with the Lelli Kelly shoes, depending on what colour they want to wear each day. Studies have shown that this is an excellent way for children to express how they feel when they attend school and even from one moment to the next during their school day. Down through history, people have always chosen to express themselves through the clothing and colours they wear each day and in general. It is a wonderful time in a child’s life when they are attending school and their personalities blossom and develop. These shoes, therefore allow your young ones to learn to express themselves via art and fun in the clothing they wear each day, as well as giving them a chance to interact with other children.
Parents who purchased the Lelli Kelly shoes, from stores such as ours in Aberdeenshire, have noted that when their little girls were excited about the day ahead, the colour and style of their shoes denoted such.
Other Lelli Kelly, Aberdeenshire residents can see we have available, or online customers can order, include the Lelli Kelly unicorn and rainbow high top boots that are delightfully sparkly. These boots reflect and emit colour, brightening up anyone’s day. We also have in our Aberdeenshire based shop, the Lelli Kelly Molly and Emily star shoes that look adorable on your babies and young toddlers’ feet.
Not only are these Lelli Kelly, Aberdeenshire stocked shoes beautiful to look at, but they are made from good quality materials, meaning they can withstand the usual fun and games that your young ones engage in, while playing with their friends and interacting at school or at home.
At The Little Shoe Bootique in Aberdeenshire, we take care to make sure you have the correct shoe and sizing for your little ones and young girls. We understand that a shoe shouldn’t just look amazing, but it should support the development and strength of your growing children.
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