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GEOX Aberdeenshire
GEOX Aberdeenshire

There’s no getting away from the fact, that anything made in miniature, just looks cute. That’s why we love to buy our children little outfits and especially, little shoes. No matter how much fun buying shoes is though, there is of course the necessity to make sure you buy the right fit for your child’s age and needs. The Little Shoe Bootique, in Aberdeenshire, combines the beauty of designer footwear in small sizes perfectly made just for your children, with the professional and skilled knowledge of our staff to ensure you have the right sizing made available to you from Aberdeenshire.
One of the styles we have available for your little one’s feet in Aberdeenshire, are GEOX, known as ‘the shoes that breathe’. But, did you know that, rather than having a large shoe brand for adult men and women adapted and made smaller for your young ones to enjoy, with the GEOX brand: it was the other way around?
GEOX is an Italian brand, founded by Mario Polegato in 1995. It was said that one day, while attending a conference in Reno to promote his families wine making business, he went for a jog. After experiencing the heat and the consequences of such on his poor aching, hot feet, he decided to cut holes in his shoes to allow his feet to feel the breeze and remain cooler during his workout. Suddenly enlightened by the revelation of how this felt, he pitched his ideas to many shoe making companies, and finally started making a line of children’s footwear. It was only after the success of this, that he branched out into providing his GEOX footwear to adult men and women worldwide. The consequential success of this shoe company meant that everyone could access these wonderfully made shoes, including our shoe shop here in Aberdeenshire.
The brand name, GEOX, comes from the Greek term, ‘Geo’ – which means earth – and the scientific symbolism of the letter X. As GEOX has always been invested in innovative research ever since its founding in 1995, this name aptly fits the company’s ideals.
Given how very young children enjoy the freedom of removing clothing, especially when it comes to booties and footwear, these shoes can be very popular with your young ones. Because they allow the air to get to their feet, not restricting them in the hotter weather, they are very comfortable indeed.
Nowadays, you can find the GEOX brand have produced a wide array of footwear, from the smart shoes your children may wear while attending school, to those they will wear when playing with their friends, such as the trainer shoes available now in our store in Aberdeenshire, or online available to be shipped directly from Aberdeenshire to your place of residence.
For more information on the choosing the correct sizing for your children, you can contact us, either by visiting the store in Aberdeenshire, or using our contact details available on the website. Our staff would be more than happy to help you and your little ones find the right fit for them.